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Mens jeg fifler med nye sange, lader jeg mig inspirere af andre…. I dag er jeg i det tænksomme hjørne, og faldt over denne sang.


All it takes is an honest mistake
No I find you here
You’ve been here before
You tripped up over your shadow

Why did you run
Why did you run
When I’m right here

It’s all gonna be the same
When you get there
Now that we see the signs
Can we walk this line together
Now that we know its time
Can we walk this line together

Late September, all I remember is you dear
With the falling leaves I get back on my knees to surrender

This is the day we come to say
All of the pain has come and gone away
This is the one wing dove
Today we come together

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    onsdag 18. marts 2009 at 17:15

    I musikere er jo kendt for at låne hist og pist 🙂

    Nephew/Kliche Coldplay/Krafwerk


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    onsdag 18. marts 2009 at 17:22

    tsk tsk

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